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Come for the experience, stay for the memories.

About Us

RagnarokSEA is a Mid rate (10/10/10) private server that is fully commited into keeping the updates and gameplay as close as it can to the officials and at the same time balanced.

We don't push patches unless needed and we are commited into making RagnarokSEA a fun and well balanced server.

Now should you decide to continue and already know what you will become, hit the patcher and start the game. If you are still curious and would like to read more, head to our forum to read guides and manuals.

Server Features

Our server is equiped with the latest and the best Gepard game protection so we can focus more on the development of the server.

Remember the good old time when Ragnarok Online was your favourite place to be in? We aim to bring back those classic memories.

We fully implement renewal mechanics in our server. This includes the proper stat calculation and monsters database.

Double Attack Critical

Fancy playing double attack and also wanting to see critical damages fly? You come to the right server, we are the only revo classic SEA server with kRO double attack critical.

Pet Evolution

Ever wanted to see your pets doing more than just following you around? We present you, pet evolution! Where pets become better and stronger, not to mention gives up several extra stats as the loyalty goes up!

ROSEA Training Ground

Fully customized training ground where new player can go through to learn more about Ragnarok Online and how to play. You can skip this training, but we won't recommend it as thats how beginners get starter equipments and potions.

ROSEA Ringgit

Play to win! Our own version of ingame currency that can be used to purchase in game items and services. You can earn this from events, killing mvp and mini bosses. Some monsters and quests drops them too. Be brave, and fortune will seek you.

World Boss

So frequent, our heroes of Midgard vanquish evil and smite it back into the dark corner of Midgard, most of the time, light shines upon the holy land, but sometimes, evil strikes back. In a form of world boss and their minions, they will come down and attack the towns and its up to our heroes to calm the calamity and take the town back. There's reward for being heroic, so defend Midgard at all cost!

Demon Hunter Sanctum

You heard of Eden Quest, but Demon Hunter is our own version of highly customized way for you to level up in the harsh world where monster roams free. Comes with repeatable quest and coming soon, time attack quest. Huge risk, comes huge reward.


We recommend you to download the full client to avoid client-side errors and crash. However if you do happen to have full latest kRO (2018) fully patched installed in your system, you're welcome to try out the lite installer. However due to the difference in content, we are unable to provide support for lite client.

Full Client

Lite Client


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Alternative Downloads

Having problems with Google Drive? You can try our mediafire alternate link

Full Client