Greeting fellow Midguardians

Before you begin your journey into the world you once knew, we would like to guide you in order to ensure your journey is smooth.

Have you downloaded the client?

If no, head to :

  1. Download KRO from here if you do not have any Ragnarok Online installations on PC.
  2. Extract to any location.
  3. Download Installer.exe and install inside the extracted folder.
  4. Run Patcher and play :D

While RagnarokSEA is a private server, it is commited into keeping the updates and gameplay as close as it can to the officials and at the same time balanced. We don't push patches unless needed and we are commited into making RagnarokSEA a fun and well balanced server. Now should you decide to continue and already know what you will become, hit the patcher and start the game. If you are still curious and would like to read more, head to our forum to read guides and manuals.

Till then, welcome to RagnarokSEA.

Welcome to Ragnarok SEA - Come for the experience, stay for the memories Chaos Devil Dragon CNY EVENT

Vending Items Of [CloudzMerch]

Junkyard Parit Buntar, Perak

payo2, 73, 114

ID Name Refine Slot Card0 Card1 Card2 Card3 Price Amount
4224 Stem Worm Card None None None None 1 500 000 z 1
12213 Neuralizer None None None None 10 000 000 z 1
19596 Costume Flapping Angel Wing None None None None 4 500 000 z 1
2248 Western Grace None None None None 1 250 000 z 1
19957 Costume Scooter Hat None None None None 150 000 z 1