Server Rules

Rules and Regulations


  • The #Main channel language of communication is English. Doesn’t matter how broken or bad your English is, main chat must be in English. Any other language in main will be warned. Multiple warnings will get you a mute. Starting with 5 minute and doubles as you repeat your offence.
  • #Mamak channel language is all Malaysian Language. You can speak in english, malay, chinese or w/e.
  • Racism or sensitive issues will get you an hour mute [No chat, no skills]. Multiple repeated actions will get you a ban.
  • Absolutely no promoting of other Ragnarok Servers. You see what happened to Lorious Ragnarok Online. If you don’t want your server to go through that, DO NOT promote here.
  • Flaming (Insults, Name-Calling) are in the borderline due to subjectivity. Do not overextend it though. Too much flames between parties will get both muted.
  • Real Money Trade(RMT) is not allowed to be discussed in main or in any PUBLIC channel within RagnarokSEA. Even in private channels such as *Discord, Guild, Skype; if someone within your private channel decides to report you, action will be taken. RMT will result in a ban to the provider as well as the related accounts. The one buying RMT items will have the RMT items removed. If the RMT item is no longer available, an item of equal value will be removed from any one of your character accounts.


  • Any real money trade to buy items or equipment (which does not originate directly from the Donation Shop)

What is NOT RMT &Trading Cash Points/Credits for in-game equipment

  • Credit Transfer to other people as an assistance for those who do not have paypal

** These will be changed and updated without prior notice.