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Welcome to RagnarokSEA or RagnaSEA or ROSEA for short.

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Welcome to RagnarokSEA wiki. Feel free to contribute and learn from our wiki.

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RagnarokSEA is a Mid rate (10/10/10) private server that is fully commited into keeping the updates and gameplay as close as it can to the officials and at the same time balanced.

We don't push patches unless needed and we are commited into making RagnarokSEA a fun and well balanced server.

Now should you decide to continue and already know what you will become, hit the patcher and start the game. If you are still curious and would like to read more, head to our forum to read guides and manuals.

Server Information

Rates 10x / 10x / 10x
Protection Gepard Shield
WoE Times Unreleased
Max Level 175/60
Max Stats 120
Max ASPD 193
Commands See: Player Commands
Server Rules See: Server Rules
Classes Available First Class, Second Class
GM Team See: RagnarokSEA GM Team

All members of the RagnarokSEA community are more than welcome to contribute their experience by creating a wiki account to create and edit entries as well!